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How To Score 250+ in JAMB/UTME


JAMB UTME registration and exam is one good step to gain addmission to any tertiary institution of your choice,but that not all about jamb., READHOW TO REGISTER FOR JAMB to score above 200 in jamb is another,some JAMB candidates finds it difficult to score above 200.
Study shows that 40% of JAMB/UTME candidates fall below 200 in score which has made candidates go below their choice of institution and course of study. 
Every year  Many JAMBITES are faced with fear of failure but believing in your goal and taking bold steps will help you  come out with flying colours .

There is every possibility for you to score above 250+ in the forth coming UTME and it requires alot of practice and focus.,
here are some steps you may want to consider:

in everything you do it is important to put God first for his divine help and support. Read your Holy book and meditate on God’s words,Let him direct you and endowment you with knowledge.
Pray like there is no reading material and read like there is no prayer. doing this will help you spiritually to focus and concentrate more .
Many Candidates don’t find studying as fun or hubby, believe me you like it or not for you to have a good score in JAMB UTME u need to study well. It is very essential to set target.
I discovered Many jambites don’t set a score of target and later fall below their expectations. 
It’s advisable to set a score for yourself be it 250+,230,200,280 e.t.c it will help you to focus on what you want to archive in the exam.
Set a time table for yourself,learning is a process it’s more of advantage to set the time you are taking any subject of your choice.maths,chemistry,biology,physics,English,Goverment an so on…  avoid procrastination and study effectively.
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 if you are the type that like mathematics, physics or any other subjects it is very important to choose for yourself and study hard on them.
Dont allow anybody choose for you  otherwise you will end up in doom, doing what you don’t have passion for will depreciate your score.

Buy Past questions and answers booklet. this is because alot of JAMB UTME question are from past questions, for example: buy past question 3 to four years backward” .
Solving past question comfortably will give you confidence in writing the main exam and get use to the way JAMB questions are set. When you are on a particular subject in the part question try to note frequently ask and repeated questions.

Get in touch fellow JAMBITES  with like interest and goal,study together and ask questions and solve common problems.
You can never  know everything by yourself so don’t be isolated make friends and it will help you with your preparation and getting the latest rumors about your exam.
I remember when I was preparing for JAMB 2010,i met a group of friends that contributed to my jamb Sucess.you can’t be all in one.
7. REST:
Creating time for relaxation it help your  body system to be active and healthier,take your time to rest after studying do not over stress yourself you own the key to your success have faith and be strong.
it’s punishable by JAMB to get involved in any sort of malpractice. Many candidate who depends on external source for help are disappointed and will face punishment if caught victim, so avoid malpractice .
You will not only loose the exam you might go to jail for it, Ask yourself what do you want and study hard  .
For you to score  250+ in jamb avoid malpractice because alot of JAMBITES never made it to the institute because of cheating so do well to study and pray. 
Wishing you a successful JAMB/UTME EXAM. 

READ: please if you  find this information helpful do well to share with friends and comment below.
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