30 Best Christmas Messages for Friends

Christmas messages

It’s that time of year again. December has come and with it all the joys of Christmas. But

what is the meaning of Christmas?

Christmas is celebrated to remember the birth of Jesus Christ, who Christians believe is the Son of God. And its a time to show love and Celebrate with family and friends.

Here we spice up 30 best Christmas messages just for you…

30 Best Christmas Messages for Friends

  1. Wishing you a lovely Christmas season and a Happy New Year!
  2. Cheers to warm holiday memories!
  3. May the closeness of your loved ones, family, and friends fill your heart with joy.
  4. May your Christmas shine brightly with joy and goodwill!
  5. I hope your holiday celebrations are full of lots of fun, surprises, and magic!
  6. Season’s Greetings! And best wishes for the New Year.
  7. Best wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year!
  8. Merry Christmas and best wishes for the New Year!
  9. Greetings of the Season and best wishes for the New Year!
  10. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

  1. Merry Christmas! And best wishes for 2020.
  2. Wishing you a joyous Christmas and a prosperous New Year.
  3. Wishing you a joyous Holiday season and a happy and peaceful New Year.
  4. Best wishes for the Holidays, and for health and happiness throughout the coming year.
  5. Merry Christmas! With many good wishes for the holiday season and the coming year.
  6. May the peace and joy of Christmas be with you today and throughout the New Year.
  7. Warmest thoughts and best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
  8. Meet me under the mistletoe. I’ll be there with bells on.
  9. I’ve been waiting all year to spend Christmas with you! Now that it’s here, I can’t think of any gift I’d want any more than this. Merry Christmas, my love!
  10. Come down the chimney! I have a special Christmas present for you.

  1. My love for you shines brighter than the lights on the tree. Merry Christmas!
  2. I can’t think of any other way I would want to spend Christmas than staying warm with you.
  3. If I could package my heart and send it to you for Christmas, I would. Since I can’t, this card will have to do.
  4. You’re the best Christmas present a [gal/guy] can get!
  5. Seeing you takes all the stress out of the Christmas season. Thanks for filling my holidays with joy and love.
  6. We may not be able to celebrate Christmas together this year, but just remember that you are always in my thoughts. With love from the bottom of my heart.
  7. Being with you for Christmas makes me feel like a child again. Except, instead of anticipating my presents, I’m looking forward to our kisses.
  8. Merry Christmas! Tell [name of family members] to have a wonderful holiday!
  9. Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday season. Lots of love.
  10. Happy Holidays! Hope your Christmas isn’t a chore. Enjoy some relaxation time!


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