African Artist – Dj Arafat Deid At 33

Dj Arafat

Dj Arafat- Victim of a motorcycle accident in the night of Sunday 11 to Monday, August 12 in Abidjan, the Ivorian artist Ange Didier Huon – aka DJ Arafat – died from his wounds in a clinic in Abidjan, according to several official sources Ivorians, including Maurice Bandaman, the Ivorian Minister of Culture.

The star of the “coupe-décalé” died Monday, August 12 at the Polyclinic of Two Plateaux in Abidjan. The artist died as a result of his injuries after a serious road accident that occurred during the night from Sunday to Monday. His motorcycle hit a car driven by a journalist from Radio Côte d’Ivoire. The singer, unconscious, was quickly taken care of and admitted to intensive care. Unfortunately he did not survive.
“He was admitted to emergencies in a vegetative state. He had a skull fracture and edema, “he told Young Africa a doctor from the institution, on condition of anonymity. The medical teams tried to revive him, “in vain”.

Two Ivorian government ministers, who went to the bedside of the artist, confirmed the death at Young Africaas well as a senior official stationed in Abidjan. “I’m at the clinic where DJ Arafat was admitted. I can confirm that the artist is deceased. I am with Minister of State Hamed Bakayoko, to organize with the family, “said Maurice Bandaman, Ivorian Minister of Culture and Francophonie. The information has also been confirmed on the antennas of the RTI, the public channel of Ivory Coast, in his diary of 13h.
According to our information, the entourage of the artist, like the Ivorian authorities, wondered in the late morning on the terms of the announcement of the death to the public.


Undisputed king of the “coupé-décalé”, DJ Arafat – whose real name is Ange Didier Huon – has forged an international reputation and has established himself as the undisputed boss of the offbeat coupé. He also had a sulphurous reputation, especially because of the recurring clashes that pitted him against other cut-shifted artists.
Born in 1986 in Yopougon, a town in western Abidjan, the artist liked to claim constantly new nicknames, from “Commander Zabra” to “Yorobo” – more recently, he even presented himself as “Head of the China People “. Tragically ironic, his latest single – which breaks records on YouTube with 4.5 million views since its release last May – is entitled “Moto-Moto”.