Check out these scary things people find in Meat pie

Meat pie NigeriaOne of the most famous snack in Nigeria, when you go to a fast food you would love to have a meat pie may be steping it down with cold soft drink. Due to the popularity and the demand fo this snack has made it a wanted snack, so alot of people now make this meat pie but there are unbelievable result of any hands.

These would make you react wild, how can you buy meat pie to find beans inside, or find yam, it is so annoying.

I remember buying meat pie one time when I was traveling to Lagos and found yam inside at first I though it was one spice but there was non like yam spice, it was so unbelievable.

There’s something extremely satisfying about taking that first bite into a nice meatpie.

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The soft feeling of the sauce and meat melting into the tongue is so yummmy you would want to buy another.

How would you feel taking a bite into a beautiful baked meatpie crust only to find an unexpected inside?

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Here are pictures of strange unbelievable thing you would fine inside a meat pie for today’s list it will make you cry.

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