Earn Instant 1,000 Naira on PiggyVest, Earn More When You Refer A Friend

  • How To Earn Instant 1,000 Naira On PiggyVest
How to Earn
Firstly you might want to ask

What is PiggyVest?


PiggyVest is the first online “Savings & Investment” app in West Africa. It was launched as “Piggybank.ng” on the 7th of January 2016 as a savings-only platform.

For 3 years, piggivest offered ONLY savings to our users. Then in April of 2019 Piggybank.ng rebranded to “PiggyVest” and then began to offer DIRECT investments opportunities to users in addition to savings.

Piggvest is helping people manage their finances in a very simple way. Combined, PiggyVest users save & invest billions of Naira every month that they would probably be tempted to badly spend.

Here is The Big Deal How you can Earn 1000 Naira instantly

Follow this instruction to Earn instant 1000 Naira

Currently My Piggyvest account is having about 25,000 Naira and you too can more than that but first Follow this link to sign up. Click button below



# You will see something like this click CREATE FREE ACCOUNT


# Fill In Your Details and click on CLICK CREAT FREE ACCOUNT

Piggyvest register


Step: 1

Click on Verify your BVN
make sure you verify your BVN your verification code will be sent to your phone number associated with your BVN.
PLS note your BVN is not disclose to any third party, Piggyvest is an associated bank with PROVIDUS BANK, and piggyvest is using KYC according to Central bank of Nigeria, so your BVN is not disclosed to anyone.
Apply piggy vest


Add your Credit Card 

MasterCard or any other

Fex naira Piggyvest


Click on savings beneath and click on Flex Naira

Top up your acount with a minimum of 2,000 Naira , either through your card or you can traffer directly to your account number using USSD code

Your bank name is Providus Bank
You will see your account number displaying on your account information
You can also make savings and and perform other transaction  make savings and also perform other transactions for free


How you can Get Your 1,000 Naira


Now you have to place your money from you Flex Naira to your piggybank and your Safelock.

# Put Money on your Piggybank
Goto savings scroll down
Fex naira Piggyvest

Scroll Down and click on PIGGYBANK



Click on Use piggy flex wallet

You will see something like this below

  • Enter 1000 Naira

  • Chose a Destination @ my piggyflex



Click on proceed to complete.


Go to savings scroll down and click on save lock.

Picture below…

Safe lock



Click on 10 – 30 days

picture below

  • Enter 1000 naira 

  • You can name your safe lock chose any title

  • Set the date (pay back day)

  • Select source of funds use Piggy flex wallet 

  • Click on Submit

Need Help Chat with Us On Watsapp Click Here


  • Check your preview and click on create safe lock.

Congratulations you have just Earn 1000 Naira!


Go back to your homepage and you will see your account has been added with one thousand Naira…
You can withdraw your 1,000 on the due date of your safe lock and also refer a friend using you Referral link from your account Information.
PiggyVest is on a mission ‘to give everyone the power to better manage & grow their own finances’, and we intend to be the best at this.
When someone signs up to PiggyVest using your referral link, you earn N1000, which is paid into your SafeLock. This matures to your flex account and you can withdraw it on the due date stated by your referral.

Who is a valid user Of Piggyvest?

To be considered valid, a new user must:
Link their BVN and fund their Flex Naira wallet with at least #2000 via a direct bank transfer to their flex account number or Card top up
Fund any other two wallets with at least #1000 each. (Pggybank and Safe lock)
Once all of these have been done, referral bonuses will be unlocked and sent to your flex account at the maturity date.
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