Leaked Nude pictures been requested by a guy when chatting with a lady he met on facebook, See how it ends.


Sometimes you may wonder why some ladies most times do post on social media and other platforms complaining of how young guys and matured men are requesting for their nude pictures with some other related stuff like improper video call anytime they engage in chatting with these persons.

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In my own side of view, I think most of the ladies might be right in this preposterous act by men when engaging in chat on any social media..

Come to think of it, you may wonder if this story are fallacy or fact, but this conversation right here has proven it to be true.

The guy in question was asking for some nude photos of the girl he came across on facebook after engaging in a video call, he was now requesting for the girl to send him her nude pictures while he will reciprocate by sending her some of his of which he did, but the whole scenario never played well for him  as lady being smart enough to make a fool of him at the end.

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According to the lady, the guy in question was termed as masturbator and porn star, a ridicule act committed by most young guys these days. it’s weird because how can a responsible young engage in a chat with a lady and the next thing he thinks of is for her to send him some of her naked pics.. Proofs of screenshots taken below   👇


This act been done by most men should be stopped , it’s better you just have a girlfriend to avoid you from all that s stress and humiliation.

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