Sweet Names You Can Call Your Lover

Hello guys here’s some sweet names you can call your love..

Your girlfriend is a ray of sunshine who lightens your day. She makes you happy in the morning, in the afternoon, and at night. She’s like the sun who gives you life and happiness.

Love names

Juliet is synonymous with the most tragic of love stories, but there isn’t anything tragic about your love: instead, you can call your girlfriend Juliet because she is the heroine in your fable. You are her Romeo, and you are both the most romantic couple on the planet who fought against all the odds to be together.
Either that, or she looks a bit like a Juliet.

If your girlfriend is as cute as a button (and why wouldn’t she be?!), an adorable nickname for her is Button.
Like most of the nicknames on here, it’s probably best that you don’t use it too often in public, though.

This is another one of cute names to call your girlfriend. Cookies are sweet. Your girlfriend is sweet. So call her Cookie and she’ll love you forever.
And no, you can’t call yourself Milk because of the whole Cookies & Milk thing. Milk isn’t a cute nickname.

Is there a sweeter, more adorable animal than a lamb? Well, there possibly is but there probably aren’t too many that would make a cute name for your girlfriend.
Raccoon anyone?
If your girlfriend really is as sweet as a little lamb, you should definitely consider this one.

Kitten is a tricky nickname that you should only use if you’re super confident that she’ll like it.
Kitten gives the impression that your girlfriend is a bit of a minx who likes to get her claws out now and then, particularly in the bedroom.
If you’re confident this cute and sexy nickname will go down a storm with your partner, you should definitely try it. If the shoe fits and all that …

This is probably of our favorite cute names to call your girlfriend. Every girl wants to be told that she is gorgeous. If you adopt this as a cute name and use it often, she will love it. Use it in the morning at breakfast, and when you return home from work. It will make her feel loved, wanted and sexy.
Which is exactly what a girl needs first thing in the morning and in the evening…and all the time…

Strawberries are colourful, enticing, and bursting with sweet flavour. If they remind you of your girlfriend, you should consider adopting this one.

Boo Boo
Not quite sure on the origin of this one, but it’s more the sound of the word that is cute.
Boo Boo was a character in popular sixties U.S cartoon The Yogi Bear, and it is also used when someone has made a mistake. “I made a boo boo.”
Despite this, it sounds child-like and cute, and can definitely be used for your girlfriend.
“Let’s spend the night together, boo boo.”
Come on, how lovely does that sound?

Lucky Charm
If your girlfriend makes all the difference in your life – she brings all the luck! – she is definitely worthy of the name. Make sure she knows that she brings you good fortune, and she’ll certainly keep on bringing it.
Just don’t ever call her your Unlucky Charm if things start going wrong. No grumping allowed!

This is another one of incredibly cute names to call your girlfriend. Lots of girls want to be princesses. Some even think they are princesses!
If you’re going out with the kind of girl who dreams of marrying a prince in a tower, you should definitely use this one to remind her how special she is and what she means to you. Make her feel good today.

Sweetheart is just a classic that never gets old. If your girl really and truly is your sweetheart, using this one will brighten up both your days.

Treasure is often considered a fantastic find; it is something that has been lost for ages, is rare, and which will make us rich. Basically, finding treasure can change our lives.
This basically means that your girlfriend is your lost treasure that you’ve been searching for all this time. She is going to make your life complete, and you’re going to make sure she knows it.
Just be careful not to use it too much. “TREASURE! WHY IS MY DINNER NOT READY?!” just doesn’t work. The context must be right.
Wifey is definitely one you have to be careful about using. Calling a brand new girlfriend Wifey just won’t work, as it will signal to her that you’re already planning to marry her – even though you’ve only just met!
Wifey is one of those cute names to call your girlfriend who is definitely wife material, or who is your fiancé.