Top 10 Highest Currencies in Africa

Top 10 most valuable currency Africa

We are giong to be telling you about the Top 10 most valuable currency in Africa 

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Highest Currency in Africa 2019 Best Answer

Top Results

  1. Libyan Dinar LYD
  2. Tunisia Dinar TND
  3. Ghanaian Cedis GHS
  4. Sudanese Pounds SDG
  5. Moroccan Dirham MAD
  6. Botswana Pula BWP
  7. South African Rand ZAR
  8. Egyptian Pounds EGP
  9. Eritrean Nakfa ERN
  10. Zambian Kwacha ZMW


The African Nations is rising and so is her economies. Some economic pundits have projected some African nations to be in the world’s largest economies come 2025.

This forecast is achievable with most African nations leading stable currencies for years and bridging the gap between the dollar and their respective currencies.

Libyan Dinar ($1 USD = 1.36 LYD)

Libya sits at the top with the most stable currency in Africa,

The economy of this North African state is relatively stable and one Libyan Dinar is equivalent to N264.70.

Tunisian Dinar ($1 USD = 2.45 TND)

Tunisia is one Sub-Saharan nation takes a leading position in the strongest currencies in Africa.

The economy of this Islamic caliphate is anchored on the auto part manufacturing industry, a thriving tourism sector, agro-allied industry, and oil to some extent.

One Tunisian Dinar is equal to N146.63.

Ghanaian Cedis ($1 USD = 4.75 CEDI)

Ghana is one of the most developed nations in the West African sub-region.

Its economy rose to prominence in the days of the gold boom and the cocoa era. The booming economy has steadied its currency and made it a promising nation in the globall. West African nation.

One Ghanaian Cedi is equal to N78.97.

Sudanese Pound (1 USD – 6.41 SDG)

Sudan’s economy is yet still afloat despite the split that saw South Sudan gaining their independence.


The economy of Sudan is anchored on oil, textiles, cement, pharmaceuticals, automobile assembly and agriculture which keeps 80% of its labor force busy.

One Sudanese Pound is equal to N51.27.

Moroccan Diharm (1 USD – 9.65 Mad)

Morrocco currency

Africa’s 5th largest economy and 5th strongest currency.

The Moroccan economy is strengthened by agriculture, minerals, phosphate, and tourism.

Morocco has the second highest non-oil GDP coming after Egypt.

One Moroccan Dirham is equal to N38.50.

Botswana Pula ($1 USD = 9.88 BW Pula)


Bostwana holds a record for retaining one of the world’s longest economic boom streak.

Botswana is an epitome of economic success amongst sister nations in the South.

One BWP is equal to N36.39.

South African Rand ($1 USD = 12.39 Rand)

South Africa stands as the most developed country in Africa and takes the second position in terms of largest economies behind Nigeria.

It’s has a very vibrant and competitive economy and is the only African member of the G-20 economic group.

It’s economy is diversified, comprising of mining (41% gold in the world and 90% platinum), automobiles assembly, textiles, agriculture, gold, fertilizer.

One South African Rand is equal to N28.98.

Egyptian Pounds ($1 USD = 17.8 EGP)

Egyptian pounds

The cradle of civilization and home to the ancient pyramids as refered to,

Egypt is Africa’s third largest economy and one of the most developed in the continent.

It’s capital Cairo is the second largest city in Africa behind Lagos, Nigeria.

Cairo is an economic and industrial hub,  bustling with activities.

One Egyptian pound is equal to N20.29.

Eritrean Nafka (1 USD – 15.0 ERN)

Eritean Nakfa

This little nation that became independent from Ethiopia has managed to stabilize her currency making it one of the strongest in the continent.

One Eritrean Nafka is equal to N23.81.


Zambian Kwacha (1 USD – 10.0 ZMK)


Zambia is the only nation from East Africa to feature in this list as one of the strongest currencies in Africa.

One Zambia Kwacha is equal to N0.030.



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