Unbelievable – Photo of a man and a lady found inside a pineapple on the Atlantic shoreline

Pineaple and photos

You wont believe what the world is turning into yesterday a man shared pictures of a pineapple he found ashore containing a photo of a man and a lady.

His name is Simon Utsu, Simon shared the shocking post on his Facebook wall yesterday.

In his words– i found the tied pineapple “on the Atlantic shoreline”.

Simon wondered if it’s likely to be a love charm. “Voodoo? he asked.

He further shared the photos for people to see it’s actually voodoo, then “some sweet juicy love is about to turn very bitter”.

He concluded by saying : “Things we see on the Atlantic shoreline. Pictures of a guy and a lady placed in a pineapple & bound. Voodoo? Love charm? Some sweet juicy love is about to turn very bitter innit?”

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