What are some reason some Girls stare at you and then turn away when you catch them ?

Hmm hots stuf real stuf pretty funny to catch up on what a girl is thinking when her eyes are falling for you,these will make you wow extremely.….here are some crazy reasons you might want to look into.



Yeah it happened to me in a training programme.

I was on my phone reading text messages, she was in my right side. Now I’m wearing glasses and my right eye is 90 degrees to her view. I could clearly see she’s staring at me. With only raising my right eye brow I could catch her gaze.

Stupid me, I didn’t know what to do. So I turned my head to look up, then left, then to right meeting eye to an eye. Immediately she turned away. It was that moment I knew she felt embarrassed, she was blushing so hard I could see she’s so shy.

Stupid me, I found out later that she sees me as an attractive guy. UGH!!!



Probably she Had crush on you too bad she can be the shy type   READ MORE BELOW …


Potential reasons :

You look familiar and she’s trying to figure out if she knows you.

You look like her dream Prince Charming that drive her crazy in her dreams 

She finds you attractive all round 

She finds your body h*t

She just happened to look in your direction and you made eye contact and now she’s trying to avert your gaze because she doesn’t want it to turn into a big thing.

 She’s still trying to figure out where she knows you from. 


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